On October 4, in the video of Trump being driven in his war wagon around Walter Reed, I noticed a hand in an odd position just before he starts waving. His waves look perfectly normal; but what is the hand below doing, and who could it belong to? It looks to me like a right hand coming from in front of Trump, in a position that would be just about impossible for Trump to reach from a sitting position. Notice also that the amount of shirt cuff visible on the hand is not white or anywhere near it, while Trump's cuff is bright white.  There's plenty of room behind the front seat for somebody to be crouching and propping Trump up, and that's what it looks like to me. But I'd like to hear from experts on the subject. This frame is taken from the video on CNN, about 12 seconds in. If anybody knows a real expert on, say, crime scene reconstruction, I'd love to hear from them, and I'm not after confirmation of my suspicion, I'd much rather that Trump were not trying such a stunt. Send experts!  The pic is online at http://littlebigdog.net/WhoseHandIsIt.jpg .