From the CCIPRA report of November 26, 2013, about a Cochise County Planning & Zoning Commission meeting.

i, Liza Weissler, current chair of the Commission, said two silly things; listen at

-- about the Santa Cruz River:  "Have you looked at the Santa Cruz lately?  There's no cottonwoods sucking up water in the Santa Cruz.  There's no water in the Santa Cruz."  But, go to
and see trees and sometimes water.  Maybe Liza meant "There are lots of cottonwoods sucking up water in the Santa Cruz, and there's water whenever the water plant releases it."

-- about pushing Sierra Vista water rules into rural areas:  "We're not telling people they must use less [water], we're telling -- we're making it possible for them to use less."  So Liza thinks rural people CAN'T conserve unless Sierra Vista ORDERS them to?  Sounds like 1984's "Freedom Is Slavery."  Does Liza think that rural areas are full of peasants ready to chant "Regulieren Sie uns, uns frei machen!"

ii, Robert Weissler, Liza's husband, assumed that expanding Sierra Vista water rules was good, and attacked the motives of everyone who disagrees:  "While there are some who cite freedom from overregulation as their reason not to adopt these measures, it sounds like an excuse for incautious use of our precious water resources....  Do citizens of Cochise County really believe in liberal uses of water without concern for excessive withdrawals from our aquifers? ...  Is reckless or mindless use of water even socially acceptable? ...  Is ignorance an excuse?"  Listen:

I've never met a rural homeowner who was incautious, reckless, mindless, or ignorant about water.  I think we're all very concerned about water use, because we use [our] own well, and worry that the pump will fail or the water table will drop.  I can't imagine what audience Weissler's remarks were aimed at.