No! To this water district proposal
    This proposed Upper San Pedro Water District (PWD) would be an essentially powerless, redundant, government bureaucracy with no visible means of support and the apparent primary mission of pursuing the mirage of mythical Colorado River Water to be purchased and brought to Sierra Vista with unavailable Federal funds!Proponents argue that the mere existence of this PWD will guarantee “local control” of our resource and will block any State or Federal controls that either might want to impose on us.     Powerless: No ability to tax, impose conservation measures or even investigate water use.
    Redundant: City and County governments could do anything the proponents conceive this PWD doing, if they would join forces through the use of Inter Governmental Agreements.
    Government Bureaucracy:  Self-explanatory. Do we need another one?
    No visible means of support: Usually derogatory when said of an individual and no less so when applied to a proposed government agency with no statutory funding source.
    Mythical Colorado River water: Most agree that all of the water in the Colorado River is already allocated to someone. We would have to buy or rent water from other entities. How could we outbid more affluent areas for purchase? Does renting water make sense?
    Unavailable Federal funds: With proposed costs currently being investigated by a Federal agency historically well-known for underestimating costs, proponents say that the Federal government will pay  at least half of the construction costs of hundreds-of-millions of dollars and also the tens-of-millions of dollars of yearly costs of operation and maintenance. Of course, the Feds have these funds just lying around waiting to give to us and we have similar amounts easily available to pay our share.
    “Local control”: Local wishes, laws and agencies always trump similar items at higher levels of government. Don’t they? I refer you to the current status of AZ SB 1070.If this PWD is created, the State’s definition of a 100-year water supply will tighten significantly. This could have the effect of pushing developers towards unregulated lot-splits and away from legal subdivisions where water-saving measures can and have already been negotiated.
    I am not waiting for “The Perfect Solution”. I am waiting for a rational proposal.
    As one of the few publically declared opponents to the ballot measure, I urge all voters to vote against the formation of this PWD but for candidates who represent your views in case the proposition does pass. I am willing to discuss or debate the question in any polite, private or public venue.
    Sandy Kunzer 4969 S. Laredo Pass, SV 85650520-803-8490