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I really enjoyed the January 26 lead at Aeon, "It’s complicated / Human ingenuity has created a world that the mind cannot master. Have we finally reached our limits?" ( https://aeon.co/essays/is-technology-making-the-world-indecipherable ), but is it more than a physical modeling of Godel's mathematical theorems of incompleteness?

David Allen Turpin and his wife Louisa Anna Turpin are the couple charged with putting their children in chains and abusing them.  NBC reports at https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/california-torture-house-13-siblings-allowed-eat-once-day-shower-n838671 that David's mother Betty "told her he had so many kids because God wanted him to, and that he shared her Pentecostal Christian faith ....  'I feel they were model Christians....  Lord knows what happened.'"  Now, if Moslem parents had done this, what would the Trump Shite House say?  Would the Shite House call this a hate crime by Pentecostals?

Let's dump the Cochise County Building Code, and get some support for services that benefit rural areas.  The San Pedro Valley paper reports -- http://www.bensonnews-sun.com/news/article_c098c7f6-2494-11e7-a9f9-6f3bce586942.html -- that the population from Sierra Vista to Douglas is dropping like a rock -- the "4th fastest population decline in US." Let's use that info to evaluate the county Building Code. The Code is only 13 years old; the County Supervisors passed it in 2004, for rural areas only. The main argument for the Code was that the population was skyrocketing, but the Supervisors also wanted to generate money from Code fees. But people aren't moving here, they're fleeing -- so is the Code raising money, or is it a drag on the County budget? Let's see the numbers, and if the reasons for passing the Code 13 years ago have turned out to be flops, then let's cut our losses, dump the Code, and apply some of the funds freed up for things that people really need, like roads and libraries.  The Elfrida library, for instance, needs more support than it's getting from the County.

Vice President Pence:  Pence won't eat alone with a woman not his wife. Does he figure that he is so attractive that any woman will jump his bones at any opportunity? Or does he find the presence of any woman so unbearably exciting that he will rape her if no one stops him? He will offer an excuse from the Bible, but the Bible says lots of things, and fundamentalists ignore whatever isn't convenient to them. What matters is what in Pence's brain made him choose the particular excuse he chose -- woman as universal seducer or man as universal rapist. What a theocratic creep to have next to the presidency, in a country in which government is not supposed to be ridden by religion.

Attorney General Sessions:  In a debate, a clear marker that the other side can't win a fair argument is that they refuse to state your side honestly, but instead argue against a side you are not taking. Sessions gave an example of this on April 20, by criticizing people for "psychoanalyzing" Trump as to his anti-Islamic position. Now, psychoanalysis is a long process of privately digging into hidden feelings; Trump, however, hasn't hidden his anti-Islamic feelings, he's shouted them as loudly as he could. He's like a bully who goes around saying "I hate redheads, and I'm going to kick the next one I see" -- then sees a redhead and kicks him to death -- then argues "Redhead? Redhead? Who said anything about redheads? I did? Just a coincidence!" It's been clear for a long time that Trump is a lying, cowardly bully; it just became clear that Sessions is one too. O, for a government of honest people again.