I don't know that Samuel & Jane are the correct parents, but they are the only couple in Missouri who had a Robert born about the same time as the Robert we know.
-- The 1860 census shows Samuel & Jane Jackson, both born in Ireland, living in Missouri with sons Thomas age 15 and James age 8 (both born in Ireland) and son Robert age 6 and daughter Mary A. age 2 (both born in Missouri).
-- The 1870 census shows Samuel & Jane living in Missouri with children James age 19 (born in Ireland), Robert age 15, and sister Mary A. age 12.
-- The 1880 census shows Samuel age 62 & his wife Jane age 56, both from Ireland, their son James age 29 born in Ireland, their daughter Mary A. age 22 born in Missouri, and their grandson James F. age 12 born in Texas to a father born in Ireland and a mother born in Tennessee.
-- By the 1900 census, Samuel has died.

James Jackson (Senior) 1851-1916, see
+ Catherine Bell LaRue 1861-1958
    Charles Samuel Jackson 1882-1949
    + Edna Snow Bray 1887-1954
      Marvin Ranford Jackson 1907-1990
      Vernon "Jack" Jackson 1909-1987
      Charlene Jackson 1914-2001
      + MARSH
    Viola Jackson 1883-1990 (!?)
    James Roy Jackson 1892-?
    + Margaret Lee Boydston 1897-?
    Robert Ezra Jackson 1903-1990
    + Elizabeth

Thomas (Robert's brother):  A Civil War draft registration shows a Thomas Jackson, age 20, in St. Louis MO, occupation a "fitter," born in Ireland.
-- Army enlistments shows a Thomas Jackson, age 28, born in County Down, Ireland, enlisting in 1866, discharged apparently in 1868.
-- The 1870 census shows a Thomas Jackson age 25, born in Ireland, a stonecutter, living in New York, with wife Ann age 24, born in Ireland.
-- The 1880 census shows a Thomas Jackson, in St. Louis MO, being a servant; 36 years old, born in Ireland, both parents born in Ireland.  There's also a Thomas Jackson, born in Ireland, a miner in AZ.  There's also a Thomas from New York, age 35, living with his mother, age 60, Bridget Conkling.
-- The Washington state census of 1889 shows a Thomas Jackson living there, age 46, a laborer.
-- The 1900 census shows a Thomas Jackson, in St. Louis MO, born in 1845, born in Ireland and both parents born in Ireland, a shop carpenter, living with his son George, a day laborer, born in 1874 in Missouri, both parents born in Ireland.  Also a Thomas, a wool carder, born in 1844 in Ireland, living in NY.
-- The 1910 census shows a Thomas Jackson living in CA, age 64, a gardener, born in Ireland.
-- The 1920 census shows a Thomas, age 77, living in NY.

Jane (Robert's sister):  In the 1900 census, Jane Jackson is widowed, age 72, born in Ireland with both parents born in Ireland, who came over in 1855 (consistent with the birth places of James & Robert Jackson) living in Pennsylvania with niece Mary Martin, age 41, born in Ohio to a father from Pennsylvania and a mother from Ohio.  In the 1910 census, Jane Jackson is listed as 83, living with niece Mary E. Martin, age 50, occupation "private laundry."  By the 1920 census, this Jane Jackson is gone.  You'd think that this Mary E. Martin would be the same as Mary E. Jackson, but look at the birthplaces of parents.  Hm.

DOUBTFUL James F. (Robert's nephew?):  In the 1910 census, James F. Jackson, described as born in 1868 in Texas to a father listed as born "at sea" and a mother born in Missouri (instead of Tennessee), is living in Missouri, with wife Mary E. Jackson, age 32, who was born in Missouri to a father from Kentucky and a mother from Missouri.  Living with them is his sister in law, Lou (E.?  G.?) Lynn, age 30, also born in Missouri to a father from Kentucky and a mother from Missouri.


ROBERT JACKSON b12/1857MO (1855? other mid-1850s?) -- the 1900 census says he and both his parents were born in Missouri.
+ Loraine (or Martha Loraine) Johnston b1862 d1926 m1881 -- the 1900 census says she was born in Kansas, with her father born in Canada and her mother born in Illinois.

As to Martha's name:  I have previously listed it as Martha Louise, but upon a close look at the 1880 census, the name is clearly Loraine.  She may have chosen to amplify just plain Loraine to Martha Louise?

Some memorial cards show Robert born on 12/1/1848 in Colorado, and dying on 6/19/1934, and show Martha as born in Coffee (i.e. Coffey) County, Kansas.  I can find no Jackson who meets the dates for a birth in Colorado.  In view of the discussion below, I think the memorial cards are wrong about Robert's birthdate and place.  What's the source of information for the memorial cards?

The 1880 census -- the first one where Robert isn't living with the family -- shows a Robert Jackson, age 25, born in Missouri, living at a boarding house in Indianola IA, but working at a hotel there; but he lists his parents as both born in Virginia.

The 1880 census shows Loraine Johnston, age 17, living with her family in Oregon, born in Kansas to a father from Canada and a mother from Kentucky.

The 1900 census lists Robert & Martha Loraine as married, with kids Harry, Edith, Robert, Lester, and Chester.  The 1910 census lists Robert only as about 50 years old, and the only two kids still at home were Lester and Chester.  In 1910, Robert says his parents were born in the U.S.  In the 1920 census, Robert is listed as about 67 years old, and Martha as 56; by then, all the kids have moved out.  By 1930, Robert had been widowed, and he was living with his daughter Mae and her husband Joseph Fred Shaver; Robert is now saying again that he and his parents were all born in Missouri.  There was a Washington state census in 1885; that one lists Robert as 28, Martha as 22, Harry A. as 3, Anna (aka Mae. A.) as 2, and Robert as 1 month.


+ Jane Livingston
  Cyrus bIL
  Thomas Franklin bIL
  John bIL d~1865 AndersonvillePrison
  Mary Eliza bIL
  Helen bIL
Lydia [or Eliza or Elida]
Ann Margaret

FFMF David JOHNSTON b4/10/1829ON d11/7/1911WA
+ FFMM Ellen Mourning [or Morning] Fuqua b7/16/1832KY d12/15/1916WA mIL
  William Clarence b1857 d1936
  + Ida Cannon m10/26/1891
  Charles Carter b1859 d1920
  + Lovina P. Jennings b7/12/1871 d10/9/1956
    Jessie Ethel Modals
    Alton Leroy Burnell
    David Otis Carter
    Lillian Lenore Ellen
    Nellie Estes Elgiva
    Leila Hazel Margarit b1908 d1992
    + Richard H. HOWARD b1899OR d1969WA
  John David b1866 d1930
  + Rhoda Ellen Churchill b11/17/1889OR d11/21/1967WA m9/15/1906
    Edward Clayton b4/17/1906 d1907
    Rosetta b3/4/1908 d1908
    Leintha May b12/13/1908 d1908
    Charles Henry b4/24/1914 d5/30/1914
    Ellen LaVaun b11/10/1916 d1/12/1988
    Laurence Edwin b3/18/1919 d
    Harold Lewis b8/13/1921 d6/22/1922
    Albert Elden b1924WA
    + Nita Vivian Nicholson b8/1944WA
    + Barbara Fern Schoonover
      Albert Jr.
    Alice Doretha b6/29/1923 d10/3/1923
    Reca LaVerne bWA
  Lidie E. b1869 d1870
  Anna Marie b1871 [or 1872]
  + Jacob Fletcher m4/6/1889
  Marie b1871 d1873
  Elida Allie b1875 d1889
  FFM MARTHA LORAINE b12/2/1862KS [b1863 in 1900 census, b~1864 in 1920 census] d5/1/26WA m5/28/1881


Harry Allen b1/24/1882MO d4/26/1957
+ Cynthia Leah Johnson b~1890 (JOHNSON NOT JOHNSTON)
(   Gussie B. 1891 – 1967 ...
(   Lizzie 1895 – 1986 ...
(   Floyd M. 1905 – 1944 ...
(   Oradell J. 1908 – ...)
..Malveata (several variant spellings) b~1910 d1978
+ Edith Mae  1906-1966.  See her gravestone at
The picture of her gravemarker shows "Mama," so contributed by son Bill (not William) b~1940 (my uncle; I find nothing about him on the net.)
..Claude H. b5/23/1915 d6/1/2001 -- a twin (identical?)
..Clyde b~1916 d11/12/1993-- a twin (identical?)
(   CLAUDE AND CLYDE show in the 1920 census as living in Hoquiam in Grays Harbor County WA.)

unknown living (I forget my source for this.)
+ Hilda Lorrain d1967

Mae (May) A. b~1883
+ Joseph Fred SHAVER b11/27/1872WA d11/18/1942WA (Mae's father Robert lived with them late in his life.)

Edith b1/1885

Robert Brantley b10/29/1887WA.  There's a WW I draft registration card for him, showing born in Kelso WA.
+ Hazel b~1891
..Capitola b~1919WA

CHESTER THE SOURCE OF MY OREGON COUSINS b7/9/1894WA d2/6/1966 a fraternal twin of MY GRANDFATHER LESTER.  SS 540 12 4529   The 1930 census has Chester 35 years old, living with his wife Grace & 3 kids:  Herbert U. (or V?), Eltheda (sic), and Mary Jane.
+ Mary Grace Underwood b3/14/1887KS d1986OR

..Max Herbert "Herb" Jackson b9/3/1918WA
..+ living Roseman (who has remarried, to a living SMITH) daughter
....+ WILK daughter
....+ BOYD daughter
....+ DeDAUNUM-RAMPURR (This hyphenated name makes sense to no one.)
....Michael Edward Jackson b11/4/1944LA d10/16/1962OK
....Patrick Chester Jackson b9/17/1951AK d9/4/1967UT

..Altheda June b6/16/1920OR dOR
..+ Clifton Edwin ANDRUSS b11/20/1916OR d11/28/1944OR son
....+ living Bogart (family from NJ; any relation to Humphrey?)
..+ Ora Kenneth JOHNSTON b7/20/1913OR d6/16/1968CA (JOHNSTON NOT JOHNSON) daughter
....+ living DERLACKI
....Sally Jay b7/17/1951OR dOR
....+ living PARKER
....+ living ROOD

..Mary Jane -- b1924 (living in North Bend OR)
..+ Herbert Holger HANSEN b4/30/1921ND d2/17/2008OR
....Robin (living near North Bend OR)
....+ COOPER
....Cathy Jane b12/16/1950OR (living in Vancouver WA)
....+ Jim SEVIER
....Claudia (living in Plano TX)
....+ Gordon WAGONER (in a phone call, Gordon said his family's name was Wegener before WW I.  Any relation to the Wegener who formulated continental drift?)
......+ NIENDORF (?)
....Judy C. (living in Canby OR)
....+ Barry LAMPERT

LESTER F.  MY GRANDFATHER b7/9/1894WA d2/16/1965OR 543 14 2102
See gravesite at
The grave picture shows his nickname as "Murphy."  ???  Chester's fraternal, not identical, twin ("Uncle Fat").  There's a WW I draft registration for Lester giving his birthday as 7/9/1895; he was employed as a logger by E. H. Jackson, in Montesano WA, married with one child; the child would have been Lester Victor, & the wife Carrie Mae Skinner.  The 1910 census also counts him as age 15.  The 1920 census has a Lester Jackson, age 25, born in Washington, divorced, living in a logging camp, mother born in Kansas, father born in Missouri.  I don't find him in the census for 1930.)

+ Carrie Mae Skinner MY GRANDMOTHER b5/17/1892WA d1975OR
    Married Lester by 1914, divorced by 1920.
    While married to Lester, she had a child by Chester, little Harry Jackson b1/28/1917WA, died 2/19/1917
    Married Lee Parker on April 9, 1921, in Chehalis.  Lee was born in Yakima in December 1898, father Joseph Parker (Lee said middle initial B, but the 1900 census had G; born 1865 in IL), mother Rachel ?Ewings? born 1869 in IN).  Cert says this is Mae's 2d marriage.  Widowed by 1929.  Lee was a logger, she was a waitress.
    In 1929, married John Magnuson; no children, most of the rest of her life was in Molalla OR.

..Lester Victor MY FATHER b10/22/1914WA d9/22/1979OR 542 10 1160 (His birth certificate lists him as Jackson Jackson, born to Lester Jackson and May Skinner.  The 1930 census may have two listings for him:  one listing shows a Lester Jackson living in a boarding house in Portland OR, the other definitely shows my Lester Jackson living with his mother, listed as Mae, and her husband John Magnuson, and going as Lester J. Magnuson.  In the Navy from 1/22 to 6/19 1942.)

..+ Hazel not married
..+ Christine Marie Slette b1919 d1997 married 1942
....Michael P. Jackson b1943
..+ Hazel 2
..+ Beverly LeoMORE Jackson b1918 d1975 (I can find nothing more about her on the net; missing relatives?)
..+ Wanita [aka Wanda] May Elder b10/23/1915 d2/14/1990 m1978 (born Wanita May Binder, married Hiram Keith Elder 12/31/1937)
The last child of Robert & Martha appears to have been born 1900, but not survived the year.

ROBERT'S HYPOTHETICAL BROTHER JAMES (Mary, when you asked me about this info during our visit, I got confused, & forgot who it was about.  It's the best info I've been able to find on about the James listed as Robert's brother in the 1870 census.  Nothing is in here about orphans, or moving west, or Colorado, or anything -- all of which contradicts family tradition.  However, the family tradition about Robert being born in Colorado is contradicted by Robert's self-reporting in censuses during his lifetime.  I'm going to see if I can contact some and see if they have any family tradition about Robert.  If this works, I will see what I can find out about Mary, about 3 years younger than Robert.  Mary, maybe you too have a bunch of missing cousins!)

James b1/4/1851Ireland d4/29/1916MO
+ Belle (Bella) LaRue b8/4/1861 d6/11/1953
..Viola d<1990
..Charles Samuel b4/19/1882MO d8/13/1949MO
..+ Edna Snow (Snoe) Bray b9/26/1887MO d8/4/1954MO
....+ Eileen Cape d1/29/2001
......+ living Gavlin (Galvin?)
......+ living Gavlin
......+ living Gavlin
......+ living Wanninger
......+ living Wanninger
......+ living Wanninger
......+ living Witt
......+ living Witt
......+ living Witt
....+ Harrell
....+ Kreienbaum
....Marvin Ranford b4/16/1907 d<1990
....+ Victoria Barbara Shramek m9/29/1929
....Martha Bell b/11/21/1908
....+ BLACK mb4/23/1938
....Vernon "Jack" b12/23/1909 d1/5/1987
....+ Edna May Creech b11/20/1907 d12/5/1992
......+ Miller
......+ Karlock
......+ Ricks
....Charlene b6/21/1914 d4/24/2001
....+ Thomas Preston FISHER m5/23/1932
....+ MARSH 2/18/1976
..James Roy Jr. b8/14/1892 d4/12/1949
..+ Margaret Lee Boydston b1896 m1917
....Francis Irene
....+ George HANKE
..Robert Ezra b1903MO (1904?) d12/2/1990
..+ Elizabeth Jesse Bagby b11/22/1907

Mary A. b~1858