COCHISE COUNTY'S "General Election / November 6, 2012 / Executive Summary" from the county Elections Department [two unclear sentences noted by Mike Jackson of CCIPRA]

The General Election was held on November 6, 2012, the regular 49 election precincts were utilized.  There were a total of 49,554 ballots cast by 80,372 registered voters for a turnout rate of 61.66%.  This compares to 49,390 ballots cast by 70,700 registered voters with a turnout rate of 69.86% in 2008.  SV Soldier Creek had the lowest turnout rate at 39% and Portal had the highest turnout at 80%.  There were 26,441 early ballots processed which is 53% of the total ballots cast.  This compares to 21,167 early ballots (43% of ballots cast) in 2008.

-- There are no races in which an automatic recount will be required at the County level.  The State will canvass statewide results on December 3rd.  The Sheriff race resulted in 27,085 votes for Mark Dannels and 10,180 votes for Rod Rothrock.  Rod Rothrock received 78% of the total write-in votes for Sheriff.
-- The summary includes an additional precinct identified as "0990 non-resident."  The Bowie Water District had an election for its Governing Board and water district voters are based on property owners as compared to voter registration.  Therefore, we had to have an inability for voters who did not leave in that district to vote in that race.  [sic, as to the whole sentence -- MJ.]  This resulted in 2 votes.
-- The Jurisdiction Report includes the results of the races for the School Boards.  These races are to be canvassed by the Board of Supervisors Chair and the School Superintendent.  Trudy Berry is aware of this requirement but is unable to attend today and will be following up with the Chair at a later date.
-- Both the Republican and Democratic Parties participated in the hand count and early ballot audit that was started on November 7, 2012 and concluded on November 9, 2012.  There were no discrepancies identified during the early ballot audit.  The precinct count resulted in a couple of minor discrepancies that were related to the hand count board's ability to determine voter intent vs. the machine count.
-- There are additional reports included in the overall submission of this canvass, as required by State Statute.  These include an Accessibility Report, Poll Worker Training Report and Voter Education Report.  The Accessibility Report identifies any ADA compliance issues at the polling locations.  The Community Development Department assisted Elections by inspecting the two new polling locations as well as one polling location in Douglas which was of concern.  Elections staff deliver extra items to some polling locations (e.g., ramps) that bring us into compliance at all locations.  The Poll Worker Report includes details on training provided to the poll workers as well as the number of premium board workers at each location.  The Voter Education Report identifies the number of public service announcements, locations of voting equipment being on displayed and number of voter outreach initiatives.
-- At one polling location (SV Town & Country), the Republican Party insisted on placing signs on church property after being asked by the church not to do so.  As a result this church has indicated that they will no longer serve as a polling location in the future.
-- There were 3 equipment failures involving the M100.  The troubleshooter replaced the machine at one precinct (SV Carmelita) and voting continued.  At the other two locations (BI Warren and DO Castro Park) we were unable to get a replacement to those locations however the poll workers followed the correct back up procedures by having the voters place their ballots in the locked auxiliary bin of the ballot box.  Upon arrival at the Elections office these ballots were then tabulated.  Voting was not interrupted in any of these incidents.
-- Having an adequate amount of election supplies on hand in Sierra Vista and Douglas locations was problematic throughout the day.  The Election Staff has re-evaluated the quantity of supplies that will be sent to the polling locations as well as with the troubleshooters.  The Election Staff is also recommending that we identify a storage room / closet in Sierra Vista and Douglas where extra supplies can be maintained during election cycle to expedite delivery of extra supplies to the polling locations.
-- The poll workers at DO Castro Park pulled all the tracking forms off the provisional ballot envelopes and placed them inside the envelope with the ballot.  The Election Staff, in preparing these ballots for delivery to the Recorder's office, removed the tracking forms from the envelope and placed them back on the front of the envelope as we knew the Recorder's office would not be able to process them without that information.
-- The Republican Party and Democratic Party had observers of the tabulation process and affidavit verification process from November 8, 2012 through the conclusion of the count.  These observers were originally focused on the McSally / Barber race. However, when observing the processing of provisional ballots became concerned about the above noted process and as a result the Republican Party filed a court case.  [again, sic as to the sentence. -- MJ]

PLUS here's a little extra info on rejected votes, also from the Elections Department:
Early Ballots
367 rejected by the Recorder's office
39 rejected by the Elections' office
Total rejected - 406
Provisional Ballots – 322 rejected
Total rejected 728

Changes total ballots cast to 50,282 (62.5% voter turnout)