A Resolution of the Cochise County Board of Supervisors Clarifying the Role of the County Administrator and Re-Affirming the County Administrator Form of Organization
    WHEREAS the Board of Supervisors adopted Resolutions No. 93-08 and No. 93-24 re-establishing the position of County Administrator, adopting a County Administrator form of organization, and setting forth certain duties and responsibilities;
    WHEREAS the Board of Supervisors wishes to re-affirm the provisions of these resolutions and provide certain clarification; and;
    WHEREAS among those issues that the Board of Supervisors wishes to clarify are to specify those departments and employees that report directly to the County Administrator and to clarify the proper relationship of the County Administrator to the other Department Heads and Elected Officials; and
    WHEREAS, it would be in the best interests of the County, its employees and officials to include all of the clarifications in a single resolution so that the direction of the Board will be unambiguous,
    1.    The prior resolutions No. 93-08 and No. 93-24 are hereby incorporated, subject to some modification as noted below, into this Resolution and this Resolution shall hereinafter be the operative Resolution for purposes of defining the authority of the County Administrator position in Cochise County.
    2.    That the County Administrator, subject only to the direction of the Board of Supervisors, shall be responsible for the administrative oversight of those County government functions that fall within the jurisdiction of the Board of Supervisors.
    3.    That the County Administrator shall be appointed by the Board of Supervisors and shall serve at the pleasure of the Board.
    4.    That compensation and other terms and conditions of employment of the County Administrator shall be established by the Board.
    5.    That the appointment, removal, suspension or request for resignation of the County Administrator shall require the affirmative vote of a majority of all members of the Board.
    6.    That the County Administrator shall establish residency in Cochise County within six months of the official date of hire and maintain County residency continuously throughout the term of employment.
    7.    That the County Administrator shall devote such time and effort as may be required to properly discharge the duties of the position and shall not engage in personal or professional activities which conflict with the proper performance of such duties.
    8.    That the County Administrator shall be responsible for the appointment, promotion, supervision, management, oversight, discipline and removal of those persons shown on the adopted organization chart for the Board of Supervisors as reporting directly to the County Administrator. This currently includes the director of the Finance Department, the director of the Department of Facilities and Solid Waste, the director of the Human Resources Department, the director of Information Technologies, the Management Analyst, the Public Information Officer, the grants administrators, and any additional departments or personnel that may be designated by the Board. The County Administrator shall comply with all applicable Merit System rules and all other applicable laws, regulations, and Board policies in performing these responsibilities.
    9.    That, at the direction of the Board of Supervisors, the County Administrator shall also evaluate the performance of all department heads and other persons reporting directly to the Board of Supervisors and shall make recommendations to the Board of Supervisors as to appointment, promotion, discipline, salary increases or decreases, and/or removal of such persons.
    10.    That with respect to those Department Heads and other persons specified in paragraph 9 above (but not including elected officials or judicial branch personnel), the County Administrator shall serve as the primary point of contact for communications between these employees and officials and the Board of Supervisors. All such employees and officials are directed to bring all issues of budget, major expenditures, county policy or other matters that may require a collective decision of the Board of Supervisors, through the County Administrator, who will schedule the matter for consideration by the Board, as may be appropriate. The County Administrator shall be authorized to make routine decisions or decisions that implement prior adopted policy or work programs. Said persons who are not satisfied with the determination of the County Administrator may request action by the entire Board of Supervisors to resolve the issue through the Clerk of the Board.
    11.    Nothing stated herein shall prevent any County employee or official from discussing any matters of County business or County policy with any individual member of the Board of Supervisors at the request of that Board member. All County employees and officials are directed to refrain from attempting to “poll” individual Board members on any particular issue or question, in any manner that may constitute a violation of the Open Meeting Law. All such issues should be presented through the County Administrator for appropriate consideration by the full Board. All County employees and officials are also directed to refrain from adopting any policies that may vary from existing County policies or from pursuing any work tasks that may involve substantial expenses and that have not been authorized in any existing plans and budgets, upon the request of any individual member of the Board of Supervisors. Any such requests should be submitted to the County Administrator to allow the full Board to consider and enact any such policy, plan or program, prior to action. The County Administrator may provide direction to proceed with matters that are consistent with the adopted policies, procedures and budgets of the Board.
    12.    That, the County Administrator shall review and evaluate the budget, which has been prepared by the Finance Director, and shall make fiscal and policy recommendations to the Board of Supervisors as appropriate.
    13.    That the County Administrator shall present the budget for adoption and submit such other reports regarding the financial and administrative operations as the Board may direct.
    14.    That the County Administrator shall, as appropriate, recommend changes in organization within and among County departments where such changes will enhance the efficiency and/or effectiveness of County government.
    15.    That the County Administrator shall act as liaison between elected County officials, their deputies and the Board, and shall coordinate matters pertaining to these officials relating to budget, finance, personnel and other County-wide Policies; provide that any elected official or department head who wishes to meet with the Board shall advise either the Clerk of the Board, County Administrator, or any Board member of the topic or topics to be discussed and this request shall be placed before the Board.
    16.    That the County Administrator shall, on request of the Board or otherwise, provide such information and recommendations to the Board as may be necessary to permit the Board to effectively perform its oversight role with respect to County operations.
    17.    That the County Administrator shall attend meetings of the Board as required.
    18.    That the County Administrator may promulgate and implement such rules, regulations and procedures as are consistent with the policy determinations and directives of the Board, and conducive to or required for the effective conduct of County operations subject to the jurisdiction of the Board.
    19.    That the County Administrator shall, at the request and direction of the Board of Supervisors, acting in its capacity as the Board of Directors for a political subdivision, such as the Flood Control District or the Library District, perform administrative, liaison, or such other duties as may be directed by these Boards.
    20.    That, subject to general direction from the Board of Supervisors, the County Administrator shall oversee and direct work involving multiple departments or issues of countywide interest.
    21.    That the County Administrator shall act as a liaison to department heads and elected officials and shall mediate inter-departmental disputes in accordance with the Board of Supervisors’ direction or approved policies.
    22.    That the County Administrator shall identify, analyze and make recommendations on policy issues for the Board of Supervisors.
    23.    That the County Administrator shall serve as the designated public lobbyist for Cochise County, shall register and assume responsibility for reporting all County lobbying expenditures that are required by law, and shall have the power to appoint authorized public lobbyists for Cochise County, provided that this delegation of authority may be exercised only by issuance of a written statement of appointment, an original of which shall be filed with the Clerk of the Board prior to the appointment becoming effective.
    24.    That all prior resolutions and Board actions, including but not limited to, Resolutions 91-47, 92-65, 92-87, 93-04, 93-24 and County organization charts are hereby amended to the extent necessary to incorporate and effect the re-delegation of authority contained in this resolution.
    25.    That the County Administrator shall execute the County’s annual application for Emergency Management Assistance funds and shall assume oversight of the preparation and execution of routine Emergency Management Assistance documents, including quarterly reports for reimbursements and supporting documentation, by the Cochise County Emergency Services Director.
    26.    That the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors shall undertake and assist the County Administrator to take any requisite action to effect the provisions contained in this resolution.
    27.    That within 90 days of Board action approving this resolution, the Personnel Management Director and Finance Director shall update and reissue any previously issued rules, including Merit Rules, policies, procedures, regulations and charts which contain provisions inconsistent with this resolution in order to incorporate and notify employees and the public of the pertinent modifications of this resolution.
    PASSED AND ADOPTED this 1st___ day of April, 2003.