A page just for showing art, mostly details from superb etchings by Carol (Hershey) Durell

Here is what she has been doing lately
and here is her longtime gallery in Ohio

If you have any questions, those pages have info for Carol, or you can email me at empeejaxon@gmail.com

From "The Sun Is Going Down"

From "Double Vision"

From "The Critic"

From "The Sleeping Hills"

from "The Seer"

from "Tittecutt Follies"

from "Strange Interlude"

from "The Expert"

from "Hobnail Vase"

from "The Primrose Path"

from "Smokers"

from "I Can't Live In a World Without Love"

from "Call Of the Wild" (without the domesticated wolf at the foot of the bed)

from "Orphean Glade"

Sometimes she paints.  Here's a detail from an untitled oil:

from "Of Bright Tropical Sun"

from "Sisters On The Curb"

from "The Comforter"

from "You Are If I Say So"

from "Sexpots"

from "Brunch"

from "The Porch In Summer"

from "Nothing To Be Afraid Of" -- what a child sees at the top of dark stairs